Cal Constructions is not just a reliable family-owned company which focuses on building high-quality House slabs but also offers a maintenance service fixing pot holes and cracks in footpath or road surfaces , carparks for council in Victoria.

The Pothole Facts

  • Potholes are formed by water, freezing and freeze-thaw cycles, excessive heat, wear and tear – and time.
  • The areas most prone to pothole development are where drainage is poor (particularly where roads dip, such as the trough under viaducts), where vehicular traffic is greatest – especially heavy vehicle traffic – and where poor maintenance allows small fissures to deteriorate.
  • The vast majority of Victoria’s Roads & highways were built in the 1950s through the 1970s. Most were built to last 50 years. With time, all the factors that compromise pavement add up. By the same token, some roads have lasted much longer than planned in part due to good maintenance

Potholes are the lowly annoyance that in fact cause Millions of dollars a year in vehicle damages



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